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31 Jul '15


Posted by Tia Stokes in Fundraiser
KISSES FROM KYCIE ... FOR NICOLE.....We are doing a car wash fundraiser for Nicole Rider, a sophomore girl from Snow Canyon that got into a jet ski accident at Lake Powell leaving her with serious injuries. We want to help her and her family in this hard time and so we are doing this fundraiser!!!! We hope you all come out and support this sweet girl!!!!
Where: Grease Monkey on Sunset
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Price: $5 a car (donations are welcome)
14 Jul '15

Another Angel in Heaven...WE LOVE YOU KYCIE!

Posted by Tia Stokes in Cause, Concert

Around 4:30 Saturday morning Kycie Jai peacefully passed away in her fathers arms and with her mother by her side. We are heart broken but thankful for the Plan of Salvation and the atonement of Jesus Christ. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and this time.

From Jamie (Kycie's mom): Nothing or no one can ever prepare you for a moment like today. Telling these sweet boys their sister went to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus was one of the harder moments. They are such good boys. They have been through a lot these past 7 months too. They love her with all they have got and they have been so so sweet and loving to her. I don't think they completely understand what has happened. Especially the younger ones. But I know Kycie has been with all o
f us today and I know she will continue to always be with us. She's our guardian angel. She's so special and I love that she is happy and free and dancing in heaven!! I know she had everything planned out and she knew exactly how it would happen. As hard as it was to say goodbye to her, the spirit was incredible and we were at such a peace. I know the days ahead will be hard and long but my heart is full of love and relief knowing she is smiling again!! She taught us all so much. And I think she will continue to teach us all. I'm so thankful for eternal families and I'm so thankful I will get to be with her again someday. I can't wait for her to run into my arms and for her to tell me she loves me "mostest infinity!" I love you beyond words baby girl. My love has grown beyond measure these past few months. How lucky I am that I got to spend them with you. Go with God and live and watch over us always. Love you mostest infinity Kycie Jai!!! @jjterry77 ‪#kisses4kycie‬

WE ARE SO SAD ABOUT KYCIE'S PASSING BUT KNOW THAT SHE IS IN A BETTER PLACE, WITH NO PAIN! We are so grateful for Kycie, her story and strength, and her life that has touched SO many!!! We will be having a benefit concert for her WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5TH @ DIXIE HIGH SCHOOL! So keep that in mind!!! !
We are looking for silent auction and bake sale donations! If you are interested in being a part of this benefit concert for Kycie, please contact Tia Stokes at beemele@gmail.com or facebook message KALAMITY DANCE!!!
16 Jun '15

All for Kycie!

Posted by Tia Stokes in Concert
It was a wonderful weekend full of love and service all for Kycie!!!
 Our Vault fambam after the kid's "Changes Through the Ages" show!
Kalamity and Kaos with Kycie's family after the 7:00 show!!!
We raised $10,625 Friday night through dinner, bake sale, silent auction, and the show! It was an amazing night where tears were shed and smiles were found in an abundance! :)
We are so blessed to get to do what we love and help others.
 Kycie and her mom were able to come to the show for a little bit and it was such a treat to feel her presence and see her sweet body and spirit!
If you missed the show, that's a shame, but follow us to track upcoming events and fundraisers.
This video gives all our social information...
And if you are wanting to learn more about our cause, Kycie, and about what Kalamity does, watch this video....
Remember to take time to give! Whether it be money or a simple smile, give freely and you will be blessed!
A few Saturdays ago we had a benefit concert in Caliente, Nevada. They pulled out their very best for us and it was such a treat! We were in their parade and they made this float for us!
We love being able to give service through dance! 
Along with the community we were able to raise over $2,000 with the dinner, bake sale, silent auction, and show! It was such a fun experience for us and it was a huge success!!!
20 Apr '15

Volunteer Award

Posted by Tia Stokes in Better You
Our beloved Miss Tia received an award for all of her outstanding volunteering over the last few years!!!
She is an amazing director, coach, Vault owner, friend, and sister and we are all so blessed to have her in our lives.
 Getting the award!
Tia's fan base :)
 Her rock!
All the award recipients.
To show our love and support we all gathered for the dinner and award ceremony!
The award couldn't have gone to a better recipient and we are all so grateful to have the amazing Miss Tia in our lives!!!
So for today's quote, here is a quote that describes Miss Tia and her heart of giving...
Words to live by. 
And one of the most amazing things about Miss Tia is that she always gives the credit back to the Lord! 
We could all be a little more like that!!!
05 Mar '15

Get Involved!

Posted by Tia Stokes in Challenge
I challenge you to get involved with Kalamity!
Whether it be ordering a shirt to support Kycie, coming to performances or fundraisers (we have a performance tomorrow at the All Star Region basketball game at Dixie High at 7), sharing our posts, or just following us, it's all getting involved and helping us in our goal of spreading service!
Get involved!
Here's the highlight video of our trip to Vegas a couple weekends ago! While in Vegas we were able to do our "Better You" assembly, take class, feed the homeless, celebrate Em's birthday, shop, hang out together, see a show, and get sick! Haha! 
Don't be afraid to get involved!!!
It may just change your life...

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